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Target System Jet 40 Banshee

The jet version now extends the speed range of the Banshee system to 135 m/s with the Banshee Jet 50 and provides in combination with the Hot Nose and the jet engine a realistic, complete 360 degree IR signature.

Jet BansheeJet BansheeTrefferauswertung

  • Versatile: suitable for land and maritime deployment, deployment
    during the day and at night.
  • Adaptable: Performance can be varied by the use of plug-in modules.
  • Performance: Speed: 50 – 135 m/s; Flying time: 30 – 50 min.

Banshee Jet 80™ and 110™

The Banshee Jet 80 is the first of the two Twin-Jet versions of the Banshee Jet 40 UAV-T system. The Banshee Jet 110 is a further development of the Banshee Jet 80. This state of the art UAV-T is currently in it’s last phase of development and already has proven its capability through multiple successful flights throughout the world. We are happy to provide further information via direct request